How long until a tooth infection kills you?

How long until a tooth infection kills you?


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  • Date: 21 Dec,2023

Tooth infection is also known as dental or tooth abscess and it occurs when bacteria attacks the dental pulp, which is the innermost part of the tooth that contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. This can cause pain, swelling and other symptoms. If you think you have a tooth infection, it is important to get immediate dental help.

Consider these details about tooth infections:

A tooth infection can develop if bacteria enter the innermost part of your tooth called the pulp and cause an infection.

This is usually a result of dental diseases like tooth decay, gum disease or injury.

There are two main types:

  1. Periapical abscess: It occurs at the root tip of a tooth.
  2. Periodontal abscess: This one happens along with the gum near its root in a tooth.

Some common symptoms of tooth infection might include:

  1. Severe toothache: Pain may be throbbing or constant and may even spread to your jaw, ear or neck.
  2. Hot and cold sensitivity: Discomfort when you eat hot/cold food items or have drinks that are too cold for you.
  3. Swollen face/cheek area: Inflammation around that particular affected tooth.
  4. Fever: Sometimes there can be presence of low-grade fever.

If left untreated an abscessed tooth could potentially lead to more severe complications within your body. This means that it can spread from where it started into another place somewhere else inside you. If something happens to make it go through some kind of crisis stage which would become systemic, then this person might end up developing things like sepsis, which is when someone’s body tries fighting against infections but actually almost kills them instead.

How long does it take for an infected tooth to kill someone?

An untreated dental abscess could cause serious complications. The infection may also extend to surrounding tissues within your mouth, adjacent jaw bone areas as well as other sections elsewhere in your entire body system. At critical stages where it becomes systemic, these conditions such as septicemia could set in leading towards life threatening responses due to infections.

The time span between when an infected tooth starts spreading into dangerous territory and when it becomes fatal differs depending upon several factors including the overall health status of an individual patient together with the specific bacterium responsible for causing such affliction at hand plus finally how strong their immune system response happens to be. Some patients progress quite rapidly while others have a much slower course of events.

If you think you might have an infected tooth, it’s vital that you seek prompt dental care. This will help doctors diagnose and provide antibiotics or other necessary treatments for your condition before it gets worse and spreads throughout your body.

Severe symptoms like difficulty in breathing, extreme swelling under any part of your face (not just around the mouth), high fever lasting for more than three days without any improvement despite taking anti-inflammatory drugs may require immediate medical attention from emergency room staff. Sometimes untreated infections can quickly lead into life-threatening situations when they keep on growing fast enough thereby posing risk factors such as organ failure if nothing is done urgently about them.

However, this is not an absolute statement because different cases have their distinctions therefore if you suspect any tooth infection or related symptoms contact a healthcare professional who will offer personal advice depending on your situation.

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