Global quality standard to be followed by Pharma Industry Oppi

Global quality standard to be followed by Pharma Industry Oppi


  • Post By : Khushboo Sharma

  • Source: PTI

  • Date: 12 Jun,2018

The Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India-Oppi, which represents the research-based pharmaceutical companies in India and involved with the government and other stakeholders to get sustainable healthcare solutions called for adopting the global quality standard and brought all the stakeholders such as regulators, industry and governments to work together for the growth of the sector.

“We need to maintain uniform baseline quality standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The global quality standards need to be embedded in every stage of the medicine-making process and across the delivery chain – from the R&D laboratory to the pharmacy where the patient buys the drugs,” Oppi director general Kanchana TK told PTI on the sidelines of Quality Summit here..

As per the study conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Department of Food Safety and Drug Administration, 38% of medicines were not effective due to poor quality. In India there are many manufacturing players, including several MSME players, but no proper quality standards maintenance across the board. The government through industry associations and other stakeholders including the patient group which represents the public, have to work together to maintain the manufacturing standards which will keep India competitive globally.

Whereas on the other side the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry also faces many regulatory challenges, which has to be addressed on urgent basis.

Commenting on government policies, Kanchana said, the policies are welcome and should be more predictable which should remain for 3-5 years. The industry needs progressive changes to happen.

Commenting on the deliberations, A Vaidheesh, president, Oppi said, “Quality of medicines are pivotal in delivering patient care and the entire pharmaceutical industry has come together to stress the importance of quality in delivering responsible and safe patient care.”

Deepnath Roy Chowdhury, National President IDMA added that the industry has taken the lead in pledging support towards making global quality medicines, which are affordable.

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