Dissemination of Scientific Awareness through Digital media

Dissemination of Scientific Awareness through Digital media


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: Microbioz India

  • Date: 15 Apr,2015

This is extremely thanks to world of internet and its worldwide coverage that we all can receive and share any of information very fast from all around the world. Apart from this on another way there are lot of digital media Channels, library, Journals, Magazines exerting hundred times more positively effects for the distribution of science news and information worldwide.

At present our society depends on scientific awareness about disease and other discovery and using of this knowledge through different ways in his common life.The important role of science in our daily schedule is only mobilized when new discoveries raises ethical questions. For these reasons, the public needs to be properly informed, so that it can make up its mind on the issues.In present era the digital scientific media focuses in building of huge level of audience ships which no doubt plays a great role in dissemination of science across the globe.

The main goal of digital media portals, Journals, Magazines is to increase knowledge and understanding of the benefits and impact of newly discoveries and researches by the general public.

Few list of open access digital Media Networks:

Disease Awareness

If we focus in our daily lives from start of the day and after completing our daily routines till to our dinner we are passed by thousands of disease causing pathogens and we fight with them.A proper awareness helps and always supports we all for proper fighting with these pathogens and also supports us for proper diagnosis after post infections.

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