Biovis PSA 2000 for Particle Size and Shape analysis

Biovis PSA 2000 for Particle Size and Shape analysis


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  • Date: 12 Mar,2020

Particle size and shape analysis has always been an important evaluation criterion in many critical applications ranging from Ink, Paint research to industrial production. Particle size and shape can affect the physical and chemical properties of a substance such as its solubility, reaction, strength, etc.
Particle analysis is used by researchers to understand the nature and reactions of the particulate based on its size and shape, or by manufacturers for quality control of its products.

Digital Image Analysis and Laser Diffraction are the most commonly used techniques for particle size analysis in the pharmaceutical industry, with the former currently emerging as a more preferred option. Due to the simultaneous effects of – the inherent drawbacks in Laser Diffraction method, technological advances in scientific and microscopic evaluation methods, and the significant cost reduction in digital computer imaging over the past decade, has enabled digital image analysis to become an affordable and prominent tool in the hands of researchers and QC managers.
Image Analysis allows in distinguishing almost an unlimited number of discrete particles in the sample and then obtaining complex measurements of these particles, based on the computer programming in the provided software. This automation of the entire process makes it an easy and hands free alternative, and thus requires the user to do almost nothing except sit back and view the end results.
The main advantage of optical microscopy is that the user can observe individual particles in the sample ranging from 0.5 microns to 5000 microns. Detailed information on these particles such as individual measurements and statistical results can be generated which can be then used to draw conclusions.
The Biovis PSA 2000 System from Expert Vision Labs is a complete image analysis solution that combines a microscope and high resolution digital camera with the powerful particle analysis with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance software. The system can be easily configured to capture images of the sample and then perform evaluation to determine a number of morphological measurements such as length, breadth, area, aspect ratio, etc. After analysis the data and results can be reported or can be archived for future.
The software allows user to select from over 70 different types of measurements that can be performed over each of the individual particles in the sample. We can also differentiate the particles into different classes based on a measurement parameter, thus making it easy to distinguish and characterize the good and bad samples in the batch.
Particle analysis is not just limited to the pharmaceutical industry but is also utilized in other industries which require the study of any type of particulate matter. Thus with the growth of industries and emergence of newer markets requiring Particle Size analysis, the use of microscopic image analysis for this purpose is expanding dramatically and rightly so.

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