An Interview with Prof Aussielita L Lit from Philippines

An Interview with Prof Aussielita L Lit from Philippines


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  • Date: 01 Mar,2015

Ma. Aussielita L. Lit (“Uchie”) is a registered microbiologist of the Philippine Academy for Microbiology in 1994 and became a specialist microbiologist in 2002. She is a recognized signatory for chemical and microbiological testing by the Philippine Accreditation Office (PAO) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) since 1995. She had 17 years of private practice as microbiologist in one of the big Food Industries in the country. Recently established her own Research Laboratory.

Here are few Interesting points of Interview with her are given:

Microbioz Team: Why you opt MICROBIOLOGY as a career?

Prof. Aussielita: Honestly, I was able to pursue studies in the field of Microbiology because first, It’s my personal decision to go on this field. I had already experienced as early as during my high school day’s preliminary trainings and basic knowledge on this field. So, I decided to continue learning its concepts and applications until I finished my Baachelors Degree in one of the most prestigious universities here in Philippines and precede Masters Studies. I also look it as very significant area of study in that it deals with microbes and microorganism-causing diseases which we can reflect on the present epidemia of some diseases like HIV Virus, Mers-Cov and the Ebola virus. For me, it’s really a perfect course which makes me believe that I am born to be one.

Microbioz Team: Tell us a little more about your professional experiences; particularly those not mention your resume/application?

Prof. Aussielita: Aside from the obvious information about my education attainment, pursuing with Microbiology was really adventurous and intellectual for me and it will always be. I have my specialization on Food Microbiology and Industrial Microbiology. Its adventurous in that I visited some profound and beautiful places which I only dreamed of before, this was when I attended some workshops, seminars and large group scientific conferences outside country. It brought me also into another dimension of learning in that as the longer I studied it the more I become efficient scientist and microbiologist. My profession really inspired me a lot. It realized me how important is to deal with some aspects of society especially health and safety of the people. Also, I availed international studies because of the advantage brought by studying Microbiology.

Microbioz Team: What is your favorite part of your current job and why is it your favorite part?

Prof. Aussielita: The most exciting part of my current job as a Laboratory Manager is that I enjoyed providing guidance to entrees and my research students and advisees on their research

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