An Interview with Dr Tim Sandle

An Interview with Dr Tim Sandle


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: Microbioz India,Magazines

  • Date: 01 Apr,2015

*Microbioz India performed an Interview with Dr. Tim Sandle for April 2015 Issue of Magazine. Microbioz India felt great pleasure while making interview with him. We all bless him for great future ahead.

Microbioz India, Team: Why you opted MICROBIOLOGY as a career?

Dr.Sandle: I was interested in biology at school, and this led to an interest in disease and contamination control. There are two sides to microbiology: the use of microorganisms in beneficial ways, such as in food production or with biotechnology to develop new and interesting drugs; and with the prevention of disease or with the avoidance of contamination, as in a hospital surgery unit or with the design and development of pharmaceutical medications. Microbiology is a varied career and one that is always changing, with new developments on a monthly basis.

Microbioz India, Team: Tell us a little more about your professional experiences; particularly those not mentioned in your resume/application?

Dr.Sandle: I have worked in clinical microbiology and pharmaceutical microbiology. Both are interesting. I also try to promote microbiology extensively through social media. I have my own website “Pharmaceutical Microbiology” ( plus Face book and Linked groups, plus Twitter. I think the more conservation and debate that there is the better. My work has opened up many opportunities in relation to writing and speaking at conferences. I have visited many countries around the world and met many interesting people. I have also written several books in addition to research papers and articles. Book writing allows me to explore ideas in greater detail.

Microbioz India, Team: What is the favorite part of your current job and why is it your favorite part?

Dr.Sandle: I am involved in several roles. I am Head of Microbiology for a pharmaceutical organization, which specializes in sterile medicines. Here I provide safety assessments for medicines and carry out research. My research focuses on bioburden reduction strategies, bacterial endotoxin and disinfectant efficacy. Basically, these are ways to kill microorganisms. The most challenging are bacterial spores – finding ways to penetrate endospores is not straightforward. I am also a visiting tutor at the University of Manchester and I lecture in pharmaceutical microbiology for a Master’s degree course. This is very rewarding, specially meeting and talking with students. Furthermore, I am a committee member of Pharming (Pharmaceutical Microbiology Interest Group) and this involves running several courses and conducting webinars. With this  there is a strong regulatory focus and interest in microbiological standards.

Microbioz India, Team: How would your background and experiences strengthen this academic department?&l

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