All set to collaborate with Chinese Pharma market

All set to collaborate with Chinese Pharma market


  • Post By : Khushboo Sharma

  • Source: Microbioz India

  • Date: 29 Jun,2018

As per the report which has not been public that encouraged the Indian pharma industry to work with the Chinese but is careful with their intellectual properties. While looking at the Chinese market it’s the second largest pharmaceutical industry so for India it will be beneficial in order to gain market access to the market.

It has been projected that the Chinese Healthcare sector will hit $1 Trillion by 2020, so the Indian Pharmaceutical companies should be more engaged with the Chinese market .

In today’s time China is the largest supplier of the API , while India is the largest supplier of the finished pharmaceutical product , so the Chinese market is looking to go from the manufacturing of the basic ingredients for drugs ,(also termed as APIs) to start manufacturing the finished drugs in which India is leading..

They should have a proper understanding of the Chinese market to the Indian industry to make them self strategized for penetrating the Chinese market with their Indian generic drugs.

As the finished products have high margin and this is the thing which is attracting the Chinese market a lot. Therefore the Indian Pharmaceutical industry has to be prepared and strategized which shaking hands with the China’s giant healthcare market.

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