Ultra-High-Resolution Particle Characterisation

Ultra-High-Resolution Particle Characterisation


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: Microbioz India

  • Date: 27 Jan,2020

Analytik has published a white paper that provides an informative introduction to particle size characterisation using the Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation (DCS) technique.

Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation is an extremely powerful tool for high resolution particle characterisation, especially in the size range 0.002 micron (2nm) to 10 microns. It enables very narrow distributions of particles differing in size by less than 2 per cent to be resolved, and hence extremely small differences, changes or shifts in particle size to be accurately and reproducibly detected and measured. The accuracy and reliability of DCS data also enables the technique to be used quantitatively to derive weight and number distributions. Beneficially DCS also produces particle sizing results that are comparable to data resulting from Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopic analyses.

After providing a useful introduction to the theory behind Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation – the white paper discusses different instrumental designs, operational considerations and includes results data from applications that can benefit from the technique. The white paper also introduces a new DCS method for measurement of low density, neutral buoyancy particles, a previous technical limitation of the technique.

The white paper concludes that recent advances in Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation instrumentation have improved the technique with respect to ease of use, speed of analysis, accuracy and multiple sample measurement.

To learn more about Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation and download a copy of the white paper please visit https://analytik.co.uk/particle-size-characterisation-by-dcs/.

To learn more about the CPS DC24000 ultra high-resolution particle size analyser that is based upon DCS technology please contact Analytik on +44-1954-232776 / [email protected].

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