The Complete Validation of Environmental Monitoring introduced by Titan Biotech Ltd

The Complete Validation of Environmental Monitoring introduced by Titan Biotech Ltd


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: Titan Biotech

  • Date: 17 Jul,2019

In every industry, environment must be mandatorily free of contaminants.Environmental monitoring plays a crucial role to assess any viable and non- viable microbial growth. The process must be run at regular intervals, but it becomes along and tedious task.This is unavoidable specifically for pharmaceutical industries. Any ignorance can risk the efficacy of drugs, vaccines and ultimately patient’s health.

TITAN BIOTECH LTD. has launched a complete solution for the monitoring of all the critical areas of clean rooms, isolators and operating theatres.

TITAN BIOTECH LTD., the company has carved a name for itself in biotechnology industry. Majorly for its microbiology products, the company has gained success in over 77 countries around the globe. The newly launched range of products is represented by the brand ‘ABSOLUTE EM’. The brand covers a list of Ready-to-Use Plates, Air Monitoring System and Biological Indicatorsfor the most secured and safest validation processes.

“We at Titan are always determined to fulfil all microbiological needs.In 1992, we began with thein- house production ofbiological media bases. Now we are proudly manufactuing and exportingmore than 1800 Culture Media.Recently, we have introduced automatic production line of Ready to Use plates.” quoted by Mr. Udit Singla, Vice President.

The plates are manufactured with fully- automatic aseptic media pouring systems and prepared in a uni-directional flow of air in a Class 5 clean room environment. Triple-packagedReady-to-Use Platesare gamma irradiated and carries the advanced colour changing VHP and radiation indicator to verify any risk of contamination.ABSOLUTE EM’s Ready to use plates support the easiest comfort and assured results. The brand believes that the products must always be user-friendly. Taking one step ahead, the details including product name, code, batch no., manufacturing date, expiry date are printed on edge of plate. The users have an ease of reading colonies on colony counter.

Another significant point to be noted for Pharmaceutical companies. The culture media is quality assured as per the norms laid down by International Pharmacopeia i.e. USP,EP,BP, JP & IP.

For the active and passive air monitoring, ABSOLUTE EM has brought in Air Sampler and 90mm plates. The rodac plates (55mm) are designed for microbiology surface and personnel testing. Variants includingSoya Casein Digest Agar and Sabouraud Dextrose Agar are part of the wide list, alongwith β Lactamase and other neutralisers.

ABSOLUTE EM complements the requirements of Pharmaceutical industry with its outspread features. It is a complete solution for user convenience, effective performance and secure validation. Know More :