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    Transcription Factors

    Drug discovery pipeline to exploit transcription factors for cancer therapy

    Cancer is a major cause of death and among the most complicated challenges to contemporary medication. By employing cutting-edge technologies that precisely measure the effects of candidate targets and drugs on the fundamental process of transcription, the new start-up firm QUANTRO Therapeutics tries to radically change the precision and range of cell-based drug screening. QUANTRO’s

    Novel device can add or eliminate sugar from proteins

    Sugar has been called “evil,” “toxic,” and “poison.” But the body needs sugars, also. Sugar molecules help cells recognize and fight germs and viruses, shuttle proteins from cell to cell, and make sure those proteins function. Too much or too small can give rise to a range of maladies, including neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes,

    New gene expression organization can help understand component behind ceaseless stem cell activity in plant

    An inter-university research group has succeeded in constructing the gene expression network behind the vascular development process in plants. They achieved this by doing bioinformatics analysis using the’VISUAL’ tissue culture stage, which generates vascular stem cells from cells. Within this network, they also found a new BES/BZR transcription factor, BEH3, which modulates vascular stem cells.