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    stem cell

    RheinCell Therapeutics Achieves Milestone GMP Certification to Manufacture Cord Blood-Derived iPSCs for Safe and Compliant Cell Therapies

    LANGENFELD, Germany – 13. January 2021 – Life Science Newswire – RheinCell Therapeutics GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) as starting materials for cell therapies, announced it has received Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification and Manufacturing Authorization. This marks a landmark achievement for RheinCell, which is now among a

    INTEGRA’s VIAFLO electronic pipettes and VACUSAFE aspiration systems : Redefining stem cell research

    INTEGRA Biosciences’ VIAFLO electronic pipettes are helping denovoMATRIX in Dresden, Germany, to produce modular, biomimetic coatings for cell culture plasticware that can be tailored to recreate a large variety of conditions for testing adherent cell cultures. Chief Scientific Officer Dr Richard Wetzel explained: “We have developed a range of pre-coated cell culture plasticware – screenMATRIX

    GMP-compliant products for pre-clinical and ATMP research

    Life science and healthcare specialists – AMSBIO reports upon its extensive range of high quality GMP-compliant products and services for pre-clinical and advanced therapy medical products (ATMP) research. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is an internationally recognized system which ensures that products are consistently manufactured to a high-quality and provides key guidelines for the manufacture of

    Room Temperature RNA Stabilization for Tissue Samples

    AMSBIO announce RNAdvantage – the first product in a new range of stabilization solutions that provide robust protection for your RNA samples at ambient temperature. Designed to protect and preserve RNA from most tissues, cultured cells, bacteria, and yeast for up to 14-days, RNAdvantage eliminates the traditional costs of flash freezing samples dry-ice shipping and

    Cell culture: Techniques, Errors and Equipments used

    Growing and maintaining cells in a laboratory-controlled setting is known as cell culture. Numerous scientific disciplines, including cell biology, cancer research, drug discovery, and tissue engineering, greatly benefit from this method. Cell Culture Techniques: Cell Line Selection: Researchers choose a specific cell line based on their research objectives. Cell lines can be primary (isolated directly