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    Short-Chain Fatty Acids

    Hereditary components of human gut microbiota are key to wellbeing

    Neanderthals’ gut microbiota already contained some beneficial micro-organisms that are also found within our own intestine. An international research group headed by the University of Bologna achieved this result by extracting and analyzing ancient DNA from 50,000-year-old fecal sediments sampled at the archaeological site of El Salt, near Alicante (Spain). Published in Communication Biology, their

    Unevenness in gut microbiota could assume a vital part in movement of inflammatory skin disorder

    Findings presented at the EADV 2021 Spring Symposium imply that an imbalance in gut microbiota (dysbiosis), could play a substantial role in the progression of inflammatory skin disease, Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). HS is a painful, long-term skin condition, with a chronic and relapsing nature that significantly impacts patients’ quality of life. Researchers at Hacettepe University