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    Study surveys ongoing bits of knowledge into the pathogenesis of feline leukemia virus contamination

    Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a gammaretrovirus that occurs worldwide in domestic cats, in addition to small wild cats. It’s associated with various severe, and sometimes fatal, diseases including anaemia, immunosuppression and certain cancers. First described over 55 years ago, FeLV has been the topic of intense research interest, which has led to increasingly robust

    Retroviruses attacking the koala germline add to high malignant growth rates

    Koalas are facing multiple ecological and health issues which threaten their survival. Together with habitat loss – accelerated by last year’s devastating bush fires — domestic dog attacks and road accidents, they suffer from fatal chlamydial infections and extremely high frequency of cancer. The results are reported in the journal Nature Communications. The koala retrovirus