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    Research and development

    Nicotine: Smoking out the truth

    Humanity has had a tumultuous history with nicotine, with use of nicotine-rich tobacco for ceremonial and social functions starting as early as 1400 BC, before being introduced to Europe as a medicinal item in the 16th century. In the last hundred years nicotine reached peak popularity, as tobacco use was glamorised through cigarettes, and then

    Baxter strengthens its R&D capabilities with the inauguration of the global Pharmaceuticals R&D Centre in Ahmedabad, India

    Baxter Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd., today announced the inauguration of a global Pharmaceuticals R&D Centre in Ahmedabad, India. The Centre will help further the company’s mission of saving and sustaining lives by accelerating innovation in the generic and differentiated injectable pharmaceuticals space. The R&D Centre was inaugurated by Mr. Alok Sonig, President, Pharmaceuticals, Baxter International Inc.

    A Recipe for Success – Titan Enterprises discusses the process and challenges of research and development

    Titan Enterprises is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of small-bore liquid flowmeters, building their reputation designing and producing cost-effective reliable flow sensor products. New product development is the lifeblood of any manufacturing company. By investing in research and development and continually pushing the boundaries of technology – and running down a few rabbit holes