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    Red blood cells

    Engineered red blood cells impersonate normal ones, and have new capacities

    Researchers have attempted to create manufactured red platelets that copy the ideal properties of common ones, for example, adaptability, oxygen transport and long course times. Be that as it may, up until now, most counterfeit red platelets have had one or a couple, yet not every single, key element of the characteristic renditions. Presently, scientists

    Seeing how the malaria can withstand fever’s warmth

    Even when a man suffering from malaria is burning up with fever and too ill to operate, the little blood-eating parasites lurking inside them continue to flourish, relentlessly growing and multiplying as they gobble up the host’s red blood cells. The single-celled Plasmodium parasites that cause 200 million cases of malaria annually can withstand feverish

    Mosquito protein study could prompt therapeutics against dangerous viruses

    The researchers found that AEG12 works by destabilizing the viral envelope, breaking its protective covering. Although the protein doesn’t affect viruses that don’t have an envelope, such as the ones that cause pink eye and bladder ailments, the findings could lead to therapeutics against viruses which affect millions of people around the world. The research

    Drug-discovery collaboration discovers potential new antimalarial drug candidates

    Potential new antimalarial drug candidates are being developed through an protracted drug-discovery collaboration between Australian medical research institute WEHI and Janssen Pharmaceutica NV. The collaboration was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation. A collaborative research team discovered compounds with antimalarial activity within a collection of 80,000 drug-like molecules at the Janssen Jump-stARter Compound Library, a