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    Renishaw introduces the world’s first Raman system with remote probes capable of focus-tracking

    Renishaw’s latest version of its Virsa™ Raman analyser, with new WiRE™ 5.5 software, enables its users to analyse samples away from the confines of the laboratory microscope, using remote fibre-optic probes. Its features expand the use of Raman spectroscopy to new samples, applications, and environments. The new Virsa system has LiveTrack™ focus-tracking technology and the

    Raman Spectroscopy – Process Development and Monitoring

    Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing is an industry that has adopted Raman spectroscopy measurements for PAT studies, particularly for cell culture and fermentation monitoring. Raman spectroscopy can be used to monitor the growth media components (including glucose) and metabolic products (such as lactate) in cell culture upon development of a multivariate statistical model. RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY INTRODUCTION AND ADVANTAGES

    ReactRaman In-Situ Reaction Analysis Solutions : Enrich Process Understanding

    ReactRaman monitors crystallization processes and reactions to reveal reaction mechanisms and kinetics in single or multiphase systems. Accurate results can be obtained and converted quickly into the evidence scientists need to make informed decisions. Raman, Simplified Optimized for in-situ monitoring Automated parameter selection enables confidence in results and minimizes collection mistakes  Compact Performance Best in