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    Quality control

    Sanitizer formulations and Quality control

    Sanitizing is most important than anything to protect ourselves in this global pandemic situation. In this current Pandemic situation of COVID-19 it has made every one use hand sanitizer to get rid of any bit of virus present on our hands due to direct or indirect contact with infected one. According to WHO guidelines washing

    Keeping Your Chemical Facility Updated: Ways To Improve Maintenance

    The chemical industry has been one of the leading sectors in industrial automation for years, where more and more complex systems are being brought together that are allowing to highly improve competitiveness. All this in an environment where safety and environmental regulations are among the most demanding. Therein lies the value of turning maintenance into

    Importance of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

    Human civilization has come a long way when it comes to the studies & invention in the field of pharmacology microbiology & toxicology. People have swallowed elixers, inhaled vapors & applied ointment in the name of healing for millennia. From the pre-historic usage of naturally occurring alkaloids in plants to a blockbuster drug aspirin, the