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    Eppendorf AG Reports a Successful Financial Year 2019

    For the Eppendorf Group, an all inclusive dynamic life science organization, 2019 end up being an awesome financial year. Solidified income rose to €803.9 million (earlier year: €729.2 million), relating to an income increment from working business of 10.2% contrasted and a similar period a year ago. Natural development estimated in neighborhood monetary forms totalled

    New PCR leaflet accessible from Gilson – Products explicitly for breaking down and testing the COVID-19 infection

    Gilson has merged instruments, innovation, administrations and assets to assist researchers with inclining up testing capacities or study the SARS-COV-2 infection. Their new PCR FOCUS Fluid News Brochure features their reality eminence manual and computerized test prep advancements reasonable for COVID-19 diagnostics and research. For such circumstances when security, speed of investigation, unwavering quality and

    make your lab life easier with INTEGRA’s electronic pipettes

    The significance of user experience on pipetting precision is often overlooked, and can have a serious impact on the reproducibility and validity of results. The negative effects of many hours of repetitive pipetting on both the researcher and the results should also not be underestimated. That’s why so many researchers have now switched to these

    Even more efficient pipetting between different vessel formats

    Four additional variants have been added to Eppendorf’s line-up of Move It® adjustable tip spacing pipettes. With adjustable cone distances, Move It® pipettes allow scientists to accelerate and simplify their workflow when pipetting between different vessel formats such as from tubes to plates. The new electronic Eppendorf Xplorer® plus Move It® models feature 8 or

    INTEGRA’s VIAFLO electronic pipettes and VACUSAFE aspiration systems : Redefining stem cell research

    INTEGRA Biosciences’ VIAFLO electronic pipettes are helping denovoMATRIX in Dresden, Germany, to produce modular, biomimetic coatings for cell culture plasticware that can be tailored to recreate a large variety of conditions for testing adherent cell cultures. Chief Scientific Officer Dr Richard Wetzel explained: “We have developed a range of pre-coated cell culture plasticware – screenMATRIX

    Eppendorf celebrates the 60th birthday of a pipetting masterstroke

    2021 marks a key milestone for anyone working in a lab. Sixty years ago, Eppendorf changed the ways of handling liquids by introducing the world’s first piston-stroke pipette. Launched in 1961, the Eppendorf ‘Marburg Pipette’ featured the same basic elements as those found in today’s labs: a spring-loaded piston that stops precisely at a set

    Automating DNA Extraction for High-Throughput Bacterial Plasmid Purification

    Originally found in bacteria, plasmids are circular DNA fragments that can self-replicate in the cytoplasm. Within prokaryotic cells, these extrachromosomal DNA molecules typically contain genes that promote survival and virulence. The potential of plasmids to drive discovery became apparent when technologies such as restriction enzymes and PCR allowed scientists to cut and paste a DNA