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    pharma lab

    Keeping Your Chemical Facility Updated: Ways To Improve Maintenance

    The chemical industry has been one of the leading sectors in industrial automation for years, where more and more complex systems are being brought together that are allowing to highly improve competitiveness. All this in an environment where safety and environmental regulations are among the most demanding. Therein lies the value of turning maintenance into

    Top 10 tips to avoid contamination in pipetting

    Preventing contamination in pipetting is paramount to achieving reliable results. It requires identification of the potential contamination mechanisms in order that they can all be addressed. Aerosols, suspensions of solid or liquid particles in a gas, are formed in many laboratory activities such as pipetting with air displacement pipettes, and aerosols are the major contamination

    8 Simple steps for pressure safety in your laboratory

    If you’re carrying out reactions under pressurized conditions in your laboratory, at the end of the day your safety is your responsibility.  Yes, your department ordered a fabulous new pressure reactor that you’ve been itching to get your hands on – but how does the specification meet the needs of your chemistry?  Might someone have

    Automated reaction optimization for pharmaceutical labs

    Steve Evans joined Uniqsis in 2017 to take on the role of International Sales Manager. Steve has a broad expertise of life sciences instrumentation including flow chemistry and microwave assisted organic synthesis. He has a wealth of experience having previously held commercial positions including sales, account development/management, sales team/distributor management, product/business development, global sales &