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    Pharma analysis

    Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy in drug testing and analysis

    To ensure the safety, quality and efficacy of compounds being produced, USP has developed standards and guidelines that must be observed by the pharmaceutical industry. Preferences of UV/Vis Spectroscopy Simple to utilize Straight forward structure of instrument utilizes the light from a specific light to go through the example Quick outcomes Rapidly investigates HPLC (High-performance

    Getting to grips with granulation: a new eBook from Freeman Technology

    An in-depth assessment of the application and value of powder flow testing in the optimisation of granulation processes. A new eBook from Freeman Technology, a Micromeritics company and global leader in powder characterisation, explores the application of powder flow measurements for monitoring and optimising granulation processes. Granulation is a vital unit operation for many industries,

    Moisture Content in Pharmaceuticals Fast and Accurate Quality Control

    Moisture content determination is an important quality control test in pharmaceutical manufacturing, from the checking of incoming raw materials and in-process control of tablets and capsules to undertaking quality checks of finished drugs as part of pharmacopeial testing procedures. Moisture testing is also one of the critical quality parameters in the stability testing of drugs.

    Interesting Facts about Electrophoresis

    It may surprise many to learn that electrophoresis technique was first developed for use by scientists’ way back in 1807. Since then, researchers, chemists, and technicians have utilized electrophoresis to separate different charged particles with the use of an electric field. This can be used in the analysis of everything from DNA samples to pesticides

    Quality control of Pharmaceuticals: Customized analysis for the pharmaceutical industry

    Quality control is a fundamental activity of the drug industry. Drugs should be advertised as protected and remedially active formulations whose performance is steady and predictable. New and better therapeutic agents are being delivered at a sped-up rate. Simultaneously really demanding and refined scientific techniques are being created for their assessment. Quality analysis of pharmaceuticals

    Application of Single-Use Technologies (SUT) in Biosimilar Development

    The current processing paradigm of large manufacturing facilities dedicated to single-product production is no longer an effective approach for best manufacturing practices. Additionally, in recent years, patents on several blockbuster biologics have expired, which means leading pharmaceutical companies can no longer charge a premium for these products. The subsequent launch of biosimilar drugs, which can

    Scanning & Decoding Tube Racks Direct from Low Temperature Storage

    Ziath has published a easy-to-follow video guide to assist scientists and technicians scanning and decoding sample tube racks direct from low temperature storage, especially when withdrawn from vapour phase liquid nitrogen tanks. The remove ice, blotting and scanning protocol is demonstrated to take less than 30 seconds per rack. The tracking and tracing of samples

    Imapure® – Platinum Cured Silicone Tube (Regulatory Market)

    Imapure® is platinum cured silicone tubing designed for peristaltic pump and fluid transfer in pharmaceutical and biotech applications. Imapure® is translucent silicone tubing known for its ultra-smooth bore to prevent any particle entrapment. It is especially designed to comply with requirements of critical food and pharmaceutical standards of regulatory markets. Imapure® is manufactured by using PLC

    Network enabled remote sample management

    Using high-speed, web-based communications protocols – DP5 Network from Ziath sets the standard for 2D rack decoding software that can be run from a PC, phone, tablet or any other network connected device. This powerful software application enables full control of multiple tube barcode scanners on the same LAN to be operated from one or more devices connected