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    Eppendorf introduces refrigerated centrifuge

    Eppendorf introduces the refrigerated 24-place centrifuge 5425 R, the successor of its popular centrifuge 5424 R. The new device comes with a bundle of improvements, making applications in the field of molecular and cell biology easier than ever. The superior cooling system not only protects temperature-sensitive samples of any kind even at full speed, it

    Atik Cameras Supports the COVID-19 Fight with Wide Range of Advanced Imaging Solutions for Use with PCR Instruments

    Norwich, UK – (25 February 2021) – Life Science Newswire – Atik Cameras, a specialist designer and manufacturer of advanced scientific imaging solutions, has further expanded its collaboration with leading global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) DNA amplifiers, securing multiple new contracts to supply high-performing cameras for reliable COVID-19

    The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Cue PCR Test

    In molecular biology, the LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) method is also known as Cue PCR or Loop Amplification. Particularly, it can be used for rapid amplification of nucleic acids which enables detection of specific DNA or RNA sequences under isothermal conditions having a constant temperature mainly 60-65°C. Very important applications including diagnostics, field-based testing and

    BioBased 96-well PCR Plates – Now also semi-skirted

    Our customers depend on the high performance and reliability of the plates used in their high-throughput processes. However, increased throughput results in a higher carbon footprint due to the use of single-use plates made from fossil-based plastics. There is now a growing demand for more sustainability. Eppendorf’s biobased consumables open up new doors to make