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    Altered lipids focus on the body’s endocannabinoid framework to control pain and inflammation

    When modified using a process known as epoxidation, two naturally occurring lipids are converted to potent agents that target multiple cannabinoid receptors in neurons, interrupting pathways which promote inflammation and pain, researchers report. These modified compounds, called epo-NA5HT and epo-NADA, have much stronger effects than the molecules from which they are derived, which also modulate

    Pharmaceutical Roots – The origins of opioids

    Pharmaceutical roots is a new content series from LGC Mikromol, investigating and outlining the natural origins of pharmaceutical  substances, and offering a deeper dive into their uses, risks, and  Morphine is a type of opiate pain medication with a strong analgesic duration, lasting from three to seven hours. Named after Morpheus, the Greek god of