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    laboratory freezers

    Corresponding Assessment Scenarios in Laboratory and on-Court Tests

    To the best of our knowledge, the present study is the first to relate physiological, mechanical and specific performance parameters in basketball using the complex networks model. Thus, this study focused efforts on comparing, by means of centrality metrics (degree, betweenness, eigenvector, and pagerank), tests that can successfully establish power, velocity, and force results in

    Eppendorf CryoCube® F440 ULT freezers now all-green

    Eppendorf continues to follow the path of sustainability by re-designing the 400 L ULT freezer class. The well-known standard-sized ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer is now completely equipped with future-proof green cooling liquids and green insulation foam as well as better performance. By combining longevity and quality with sustainability aspects, the CryoCube F440 series is the