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    laboratory consumables

    Optimized Tube Plate for Enzyme Studies

    BioChromato Inc. has developed an enzyme assay product – the RAPID Tube Plate 600 (TP-600) that is helping deliver outstanding results in in vitro metabolic stability studies. The TP-600 is manufactured from ultra-pure polypropylene that does not contain any enzyme inhibitors such as EDTA or other contaminants that may degrade your assay results. In addition,

    This is Why Eppendorf High-Speed Centrifuges Helping in Speed Up Your Cell Harvesting Process!

    A centrifuge is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate various components of a fluid. From academic institutions to large pharmaceutical companies, bioprocessing applications are common in the daily workflow of a wide range of laboratories. In downstream processes, the isolation, purification, and concentration of the product of interest from the live cell batch