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    A tale technique to accomplish site-particular chiral tranquilize union in living frameworks

    Enantioselectivity assumes a significant job in the pharmacological and toxicological procedures of chiral drugs. In chiral tranquilize combination that utilizes bioorthogonal science inside complex organic milieu, deviated move hydrogenation (ATH), which uses safe hydrogen givers rather than high weight H2, has been picking up ubiquity and has been acted in living cells. Prof. QU Xiaogang

    Seeing how the malaria can withstand fever’s warmth

    Even when a man suffering from malaria is burning up with fever and too ill to operate, the little blood-eating parasites lurking inside them continue to flourish, relentlessly growing and multiplying as they gobble up the host’s red blood cells. The single-celled Plasmodium parasites that cause 200 million cases of malaria annually can withstand feverish

    Here is a list of the leading 10 pharmaceutical companies in India

    India is well-known for establishing a strong foothold in the global pharmaceutical business. It has expanded considerably in recent years. There are over 60,000 generic brands in 60 therapeutic areas. India’s Pharma companies generate about 500 different active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Over 50% of Africa’s need for generic drugs is met by India, as is