Secret Compounds Detected In Bacteria For Fighting Against Antibiotics

Secret Compounds Detected In Bacteria For Fighting Against Antibiotics


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: Aarhus University

  • Date: 19 Aug,2015

Phosphorous is one important compounds in nature used by each living organisms to grow properly. Normally we use Biofertilizer for completion of Phosphorous for plants and in our crops.

In case bacteria there is lack of these compounds in most parts of ocean’s in the world so bacteria uses “Phosphonate Compounds” prepared by primitive organisms to complete its deficiency of Phosphorous. Bacteria have tendency to convert these Phosphonate compounds into Phosphorous which in turns boosting their growth properly. These tendencies involve development of an enzymatic compound known as “CP-Lyase complex” which catalyse further to proper conversion of Phosphonate Compound by Bacteria.

The Research came into picture from researchers of Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, and the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Cambridge, UK.The Scientists determine the molecular aspects of “CP-Lyase Complex”.

According to Original Research published in the scientific Journal Nature:

Making it possible for the first time to understand how the secret weapon used by bacteria actually works. Using X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy, the researchers were able to achieve extremely detailed insight into the structure of four of the enzymes, as well as the location of the fifth enzyme in the complex.

The results have just been published in the scientific journal Nature and they are expected to revolutionise our understanding of the way bacteria can survive under harsh natural conditions, as well as their ability to break down certain antibiotics.

Note: The above Story is for informational purpose and updates on research for more information go through story source.

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