Sartorius Combined Water Purification Systems for reliable laboratory results

Sartorius Combined Water Purification Systems for reliable laboratory results


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  • Date: 08 Sep,2022

Purified water is housed in an intermediate storage utilizing Sartorius innovative Arium® Bags to maintain the high quality of the purified water until you need it.

The unique molecular properties of water, such as polarity and reactivity, make it a nearly universal solvent for many substances. Also, water is easily contaminated before being distributed centrally in the laboratory and during storage. Many laboratory scientists colloquially consider Water quality to be one of the critical preanalytical factors that influences laboratory testing. Many consider water to be a laboratory reagent and use it to prepare buffers, blanks, calibrators, controls, mobile phase, reaction mixtures, and reagent reconstitution for many laboratory assays. Therefore, the use of pure water is critical for accurate laboratory testing.

In recent years, many rapid and automated instruments with highly complex testing methodologies have been introduced to our laboratories, almost all of which require the use of water.

Combined water purification systems pair pretreatment and final polishing purification technologies into one system to give your laboratory flexibility and versatility. Produce high-quality ultrapure water and pure or reverse osmosis (RO) water to accommodate your needs reliably and consistently.

Purified water is housed in an intermediate storage utilizing Sartorius innovative Arium® Bags to maintain the high quality of the purified water until you need it.

Features and Benefits of an Arium® Combined Water System:


Compact design saves valuable workspace


Optimized water usage ensured by intelligent iJust® feature


Arium® Bag provides reliable protection against secondary contamination and eliminates the need for regular tank cleaning


Glass display with touch-activated functions and intuitive menu navigation

 Combined Water Systems

Arium® Mini Ultrapure Water Systems

Compact Ultrapure Water Systems for 10 Liters per Day Compact Arium® Mini laboratory water systems have been designed for Type 1 ultrapure water requirements of 10 liters per day and are ideal for use in preparation of buffers, media and samples, both in life sciences applications and in analytical laboratory procedures.

Arium® Mini Plus Combined Water Purification System Purification System

A large, touch activated screen and intuitive menu navigation ensure exceptionally easy operation. Regardless of your type of feed water available, use Arium® Mini or Arium® Mini Plus featuring our unique bagtank technology or connect Arium® Mini Essential directly to your deionized water supply line in the lab.

Arium® Comfort Water Systems

Space-Saving Twin Technology

Sartorius offers the compact, eco-friendly, reliable and easy-to-use Arium® Comfort system. Produce ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water and Type 2 pure water (Comfort II) or Type 3 reverse osmosis (RO) water (Comfort I) combined in a single system.

The system contains RO membrane(s), the latest EDI technology (Comfort II) and a unique cartridge specifically for production of high-quality ultrapure water.

Arium® Comfort I Combined Water Purification System

Arium® Comfort optimizes water consumption using the integrated iJust software, and the touch display with intuitive menu navigation ensures easy use, even with gloves.

Arium® Comfort I

The Arium® Comfort I system delivers both ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water and Type 3 pure water in one system, using potable feed water as a source. With outstanding reverse osmosis (RO) technology and unique ion-exchange cartridge, the Comfort I deliver consistently purified, high-quality water.

Intelligent iJust software optimizes water usage and ensures time and labor-saving operation. For critical applications, add the optional UV-lamp to your system (with or without a TOC monitor) or utilize our external ultrafilter to optimize water quality for your needs.

Arium® Comfort II

The Arium® Comfort II delivers ASTM Type 1 ultrapure and Type 2 pure water in one system.

Directly connected to your potable feed water source, this system uses proven reverse osmosis (RO) technology combined with the latest proprietary EDI technology and a unique ion exchange cartridge to consistently deliver high-quality water. The innovative iJust function optimizes water usage and ensures time and labour-saving operation.


Arium® Comfort II Combined Water Purification System

Add the optional UV-lamp (with or without TOC monitor) to further reduce the TOC levels or utilize the external ultrafilter when things like endotoxins are of concern.

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