Revolutionizing Bioprocessing with Imalok: The Future of Sanitary Clamps

Revolutionizing Bioprocessing with Imalok: The Future of Sanitary Clamps


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  • Date: 16 Nov,2023

Tri clamp sanitary flange are manufactured using a Nylon reinforced with glass fiber. It is designed to use as component for single use for transfer lines in a wide range of bioprocess system. The Entire manufacturing process is carried out in clean room with cautiously controlled from raw material to finished product manufactured.

Nylon sanitary flange is most popularly used in Pharmaceutical, Biotech process & Chemical industries. It is designed for connecting and sealing two pieces of process equipment, such as pipes, valves, and tanks, in a hygienic and secure manner. It is essential to select right size of clamp because it will operate effectively in a given application. Choosing right size and type of clamp will help to eliminate leakage. These clamps are ideal for securing fluid transfer with flexible process line. Nylon sanitary clamps with sanitary adapters provide a corrosion resistant solution to hygiene clamps. Ami polymer offer multiple options in ImaLOK. These are offered in a wide range of internal dimensions to meet the process requirements.

  1. 1/2”- 3/4”
  2. 1”- 1.5”
  3. 4’’


  1. It is more generally used to refer to all types of hygiene connections & fittings.
  2. Connected with ASME-BPE & BPSA Standard
  3. Non-metallic & stainless-steel flange ferrules
  4. Batch traceability is ideal for increased security & safety
  5. Meets FDA requirements & 3A sanitary standard
  6. These clamps are made using latest technology
  7. It can be sterilized by Gamma irradiation & steam sterilization.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Autoclave & Gamma sterilization
  3. Easy to use- one hand needed- no tool required
  4. Efficient lock
  5. Biopharmaceutical grade


  1. Single use system
  2. Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  3. Research Laboratories
  4. Vaccine & Bio therapeutic production
  5. Applications where metal is incompatible


  1. Usp Class Vi
  2. Usp Class 87
  3. Fda 21 Cfr 177.1500

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