Researchers Identified Natural Compound Help In Reducing MRSA Infections: New Study

Researchers Identified Natural Compound Help In Reducing MRSA Infections: New Study


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra

  • Source: University of South Florida (USF Innovation)

  • Date: 19 May,2016

MRSA is a type of multi drug resistant bacterial infections and infect mostly peoples residing in hospitals; Researcher from University of South Florida (USF Innovation) uncovered a natural mystery over type of sponge named “Dendrilla membranosa” found in Antarctica. Chemical compound extracted from theses sponges named, darwinolide is an effective over MRSA infections.

According to sources, this new research may provide excellent source of design new drug for fighting with highly drug resistant bacteria.

According to researcher,

"Biofilms, formed by many pathogenic bacteria during infection, are a collection of cells coated in a variety of carbohydrates, proteins and DNA," said Shaw. "Up to 80 percent of all infections are caused by biofilms and are resistant to therapy. We desperately need new anti-biofilm agents to treat drug resistant bacterial infections like MRSA."

"When we screened darwinolide against MRSA we found that only 1.6 percent of the bacterium survived and grew. This suggests that darwinolide may be a good foundation for an urgently needed antibiotic effective against biofilms," said Baker, whose research team "rearranged" the chemical composition of the extracted sponge.

The research recently appears in Organic Letters entitled:Darwinolide, a New Diterpene Scaffold That Inhibits Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm from the Antarctic Sponge Dendrilla membranosa.

Story source:University of South Florida (USF Innovation)

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