Pneumonia Threat On Action In Beijing: An Investigatory Report

Pneumonia Threat On Action In Beijing: An Investigatory Report


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  • Source: American society of Microbiology

  • Date: 01 Apr,2016

Investigators from Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Beijing, China recently reported out Mycoplasma pneumoniae continuous attack in the city by detecting presence in children admitted in hospital and according to prediction of investigators this action may continue log in 2016 more as investigators research and data may help in blocking this epidemic threat .The concern research recently appears in recent edition of American Society of Microbiology Journal named Journal of Clinical Microbiology.

According to investigator,

"We have started investigating the rate of M. pneumoniae infection in several other regions of China, along with other Chinese Mycoplasma experts," said Sun. The researchers are hoping to be able to publish the resulting data before this coming autumn, in order to use it to help control the epidemic in these other regions, she said.

Infections of M. pneumoniae generally cause and show symptoms like chest colds. Sore throat, fever, fatigue, headache, and a slowly worsening cough that can last for months are common symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to report investigator sun started this foundation since 1977 and investigators have genotypic sample of this and earlier infection of pathogen and this may help researcher to treat the disease and sort out this problem

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Story Source: American society of Microbiology

Journal References:

Chao Yan, Hongmei Sun, Hanqing Zhao. Latest Surveillance Data on Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infections in Children Suggesting a New Epidemic Occurring in Beijing. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 2016; JCM.00184-16 DOI: 10.1128/JCM.00184-16

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