Oncquest marks its 21st anniversary by introducing a world-class Cytogenetic Workstation

Oncquest marks its 21st anniversary by introducing a world-class Cytogenetic Workstation


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  • Date: 24 Jan,2023

Carrying forward its legacy of advancing the country’s diagnostic services, Oncquest Laboratories Ltd, on the completion of 21 years, has introduced a world-class facility for Cytogenetic Analysis in association with World Leaders in Microscopy and Imaging Systems – Carl Zeiss and MetaSystems, Germany. The fully automated Cytogenetics Workstation is a rare facility that only a few diagnostics companies in the world can boast of. Cytogenetics analysis has a great impact on the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of Hematologic neoplasms and genetic disorders.

One of the country’s most advanced diagnostic service providers, Oncquest Laboratories has completed 21 years of dedicated service towards advancing medical science on 29 November 2022.It started as a research entity of the Dabur Research Foundation in 2001, over the years, the laboratory network has been phenomenal in revamping diagnostic services by introducing several facilities in the country. The laboratory was the first to launch Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) test, which is being used to guide medical practitioners on the treatment plan for cancer patients.

Oncquest Laboratories has also been the first in the country to introduce a final diagnostic panel, RQ-PCR-based Oncology assays, and drug resistance screening assays for CML patients. The laboratory network also has a multi-lingual website – the first in the country, a Cloud-based digital eco-system for holistic customer engagement, and is getting a digital retail model ready for better services.

“As we complete 21 years of being entirely dedicated towards the betterment of diagnostics to supplement the country’s medical advancements, we are geared up for more actions in the future. The fact that Oncquest has always been the first choice for international partners for the launch of new testing technologies in India is a testament to the trust and confidence we have built in the field of diagnostic services. Cytogenetics analysis has a great impact on the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in Hematologic neoplasms and Genetic Disorders. So, Automation of metaphase finding and imaging is one of the most efficient ways for improving throughput and quality in classical cytogenetics. Automated imaging systems in cytogenetics will not only increase case turnover rates but also improve analysis quality”said Dr. Shivali Ahlawat,Lab Director – National Reference Lab at Oncquest Laboratories Ltd.

The new fully-automated Cytogenetics Workstation at Oncquest Laboratories from Carl Zeiss-MetaSystems offers a modern and flexible imaging solution for routine cytogenetics applications which is based on automated metaphase finding, unattended image acquisition, and sophisticated case and image data management. The direct interface to workstations with Ikaros & Isis Karyotyping & FISH software installed makes metaphase finding with Metafer Metaphase or FISH spots in cells with MetaferMetaCyte a powerful tool for convenient and fast cytogenetic analysis.

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