NEW: PRESTO W58x- JULABO’s Highly Dynamic Temperature Control System

NEW: PRESTO W58x- JULABO’s Highly Dynamic Temperature Control System


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  • Date: 08 Sep,2023

JULABO, a world-renowned manufacturer of premium temperature control solutions, is expanding the cooling performance of its PRESTO series with the introduction of this new juggernaut.

The new power pack from JULABO enables temperature control system processes to be conducted even faster and more efficiently. With a very high cooling capacity of 33 kW at +20 °C, the W58x offers large power reserves over the entire working temperature range, especially at temperatures around -30 °C to -40 °C in connection with water-glycol mixtures.

The gear pump installed in the W58x also enables the use of media with higher viscosity. As the pump is magnetically coupled, it further allows for optimal adjustment of pump performance to the application, even across greater distances and elevations.

“With the PRESTO W58x, we are offering a premium unit with even more power,” emphasizes CMO and Director of Sales Mark Bitterwolf. “Especially in automotive testing, we thus enable our customers to carry out their temperature control processes even faster and more efficiently. The W58x leaves nothing to be desired in this regard,” Bitterwolf continues.

Perfect for Automotive Applications

Tailor-made solutions from a single source

The new PRESTO W58x leaves nothing to be desired, especially for automotive clients. Not least because JULABO can offer individual solutions from a single source depending on requirements.

  1. An expansion kit allows pressure-overlaid temperature control with water-glycol up to a working temperature of +150 °C.
  2. A specialized flow control system extends the performance range of the W58x to applications requiring precisely defined volumetric flow rates of the utilized medium.

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 About Julabo:

Since JULABO’s foundation in 1967 the company has pioneered the development of technology for liquid temperature control. JULABO equipment is used successfully around the world providing application solutions for science, laboratories, technology centers and process industries.

The current program features heating and refrigerated circulators, highly dynamic temperature control systems, recirculating coolers, water baths and additional special equipment. Their integrated highly precise control technology is unique. It guarantees highly accurate temperatures and rapid reaction to temperature changes. Another special feature of JULABO units: no side vents. Operation of JULABO instruments is intuitive.

All important information is displayed intelligibly and easy to read. The parameters for any application are set quickly using only a few keys. JULABO also offers specialized equipment for individual applications and an extensive list of accessories for all products.

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