Navigating the HPV Vaccine Schedule: What You Need to Know

Navigating the HPV Vaccine Schedule: What You Need to Know


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  • Date: 01 Jan,2024

For the perfect protection against HPV, it is important to know how many shots are needed and when they should be given within the HPV vaccine schedule. The HPV vaccine is in form of a number of injections that prevent infection by certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV). They cause cancers in several parts of the body such as genital areas and also cause warts.

Here’s what you need to know about the HPV vaccine schedule:

 Types of HPV Vaccines

Several vaccines for HPV are available but the most common ones include Gardasil 9 and Cervarix. However, Gardasil 9 is one of the most common that can be used by both males and females acting against nine kinds.

Recommended Age for HPV Vaccination

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), routine vaccination should be done on boys as well as girls. The best time to get vaccinated is usually age 11 through 12 years old but can start as early as age nine.

Number of Doses

The number of doses given for an individual’s HPV vaccination depends on age at onset:

Two-Dose Schedule:
  1. The first dose is given.
  2. The second dose is administered six to twelve months after the first dose.
  3. This schedule applies if one starts before their fifteenth birthday.
Three-Dose Schedule:
  1. The first dose is given.
  2. The second dose is administered 1-2 months after the first one.
  3. The third dose follows six months after administering the first one.
  4. This schedule applies if one starts at or after their fifteenth birthday or patients with weakened immune systems.
Catch-Up Vaccination

Catch-Up Vaccination is advised for individuals aged between 21 and 26 years for males, and up till 26 years old in females who haven’t received it during recommended age range.

Special Considerations
  1. If you have started getting vaccinated, you do not need to retake the whole series even if there has been a break in between.
  2. To sum up, there are situations when this vaccine cannot be offered to a pregnant person, although it is safe in general.
Consultation with Healthcare Provider

Individual health status and circumstances should be considered before personalized advice is given by healthcare providers at all times. They should give directions on the right schedule and clarify any questions of interest.

Additional Points:

The HPV vaccine can also be administered to young adults aged 27 through 45 years based on shared decision-making with their healthcare provider.

Don’t forget that scheduling HPV vaccinations as recommended saves lives by preventing HPV-related cancers. Personalized guidance regarding your individual needs and medical history can be obtained by contacting your health care provider.

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