MEDICAlliance kicks off the new trade fair year with MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 in Mumbai

MEDICAlliance kicks off the new trade fair year with MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 in Mumbai


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  • Date: 06 Mar,2018

Leading medical trade fair for the Indian subcontinent enjoys unabated popularity among exhibitors

As part of the world’s biggest medical trade fair MEDICA in mid – November 2017 Düsseldorf saw the new umbrella brand for the global healthcare activities of the Messe Düsseldorf Group, the MEDICAlliance, being launched officially. Now the MEDICAlliance kicks off the new trade fair year with MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 to be held from 16 – 18 March at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai.

As the leading medical trade fair for the Indian subcontinent the 24th edition of the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA enjoys unabated popularity in the medical device technology sector – a fact confirmed by the over 550 exhibitors from some 20 nations.

Due to its large population India is considered one of the most promising markets for medical products and medical device technology worldwide thanks to its sheer number of inhabitants and a rising level of prosperity and healthcare. The medical products market is estimated to total approx. US$ 8 billion in volume with an import quota of 60%. The Indian market for health IT alone is estimated at US$ 2.5 billion and just as attractive for health IT. Over the coming years the health IT software segment is even forecast to post double-digit growth rates considering the current market volume of some US$ 100 million. (Sources: Deloitte & NASSCOM).

The MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 offers a matching themed area in the form of the “Future for Health” Lounge. In terms of content here the presentations and one conference session will focus on current trends in medical digitalisation as well as mobile applications and health Apps.

Lately, visitors to the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA have also shown great interest in laboratory medicine. A good third of the 13,500 visitors who attended the previous year’s event in New Delhi, were particularly interested in this field.

This is why – after its much-noted premiere in 2017 – CLIN LAB INDIA will also form an integral part of MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2 018 in Mumbai. The conference with exhibition organised jointly by Scherago and Messe Düsseldorf India will this year focus on molecular diagnostics, point-of-care applications as well as immunobiological lab medicine, to name but a few. In the exhibition area of CLIN LAB INDIA participants include companies such as Mindray, Operon, SMC, Godrej and Technoservice.

The MEDICAL FAIR INDIA alternates between venues in New Delhi and Mumbai every year. Focal themes are medical products and medical device technology, lab technology and diagnostics, equipment and furniture for hospitals and health centres or the areas of Health IT and mobile health solutions, that both rank very high on the global agenda currently.

With these themes the event targets

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