Top 10 Most Dangerous Bacterial Toxins: The Bacterial Threat To Keep Us Away From The Globe

Microbioz India, March , 2016 Issue

Cover Story : "Top 10 Most Dangerous Bacterial Toxins: The Bacterial Threat To Keep Us Away From The Globe"

Top 10 Most Dangerous Bacterial Toxins: The Bacterial Threat To Keep Us Away From The Globe

Dear friends first of all I would like to say you all deeply thanks for being here either as a our readers or supporter or our audience and how we can forget your great support for continuous launching of Microbioz India magazine. Dear friends Microbioz India going to launch anniversary edition of magazine featured with most interesting cover story for our audience entitled : “Top 10 most dangerous bacterial toxins: The Bacterial threat to keep us away from the globe” written and covered by Microbioz India editorial office. I hope the list of bacterial toxin in this cover story will boost the knowledge and awareness about serious deadly bacterial infections.

Dear friends Microbioz India magazine from since last one year dedicated to build huge academic audiences and as we know our team members ,authors always tried to win heart of each audience for expel out quality cover story and maintain magazine contents in each edition and we ensure you all for doing same in near future. Collect lot of open scholarship position for pursuing higher education in the field of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Medical Sciences from reputed Universities of across the globe.

In last phase of this magazine how we can forget to announce the names of winners of our February 2016 edition of crossword, Dear friends we request you to all for earlier submission of your answers and other feedback about magazine editions.


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