Ozone Or No Zone Is Now All In Your Hands

Microbioz India, September , 2015 Issue

Cover Story : "Ozone Or No Zone Is Now All In Your Hands"

Ozone Or No Zone Is Now All In Your Hands

Dear friends, I hope each and everyone of you is doing great out there. I would like to thank you all for the great support that enabled us to keep launching our magazine every month. As we know, our earth is our only home yet we forgot to save it. Day by day, we keep hearing frightening news like the melting of glaciers, rise in the sea level, shrinking of lakes and other issues that actually putting our planet in a big danger. Therefore, as an early step in saving our planet earth, Microbioz India is planned to spread awareness among the readers via our magazine's special edition of September 2015 issue. In conjunction with the international ozone day, we are planning to launch our September issue with the cover story of “Ozone or NO zone? Is all in your hands”!! This interesting cover story was written by Sivashankari Ramamoorthi, one of our influential team member and also the author of Microbioz India. She had presented her full efforts in this write up mainly to urge our society to preserve our precious ozone layer. Enjoy reading them and start doing something to preserve our one and only protective ozone layer !


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