Inhaled drug delivery : February 2021 edition of magazine

Microbioz India, February , 2021 Issue

Cover Story : "Inhaled drug delivery : February 2021 edition of magazine"

Inhaled drug delivery : February 2021 edition of magazine

The inhalation route is frequently used to administer drugs for the management of respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Compared with other routes of administration, inhalation offers a number of advantages in the treatment of these diseases. For example, via inhalation, a drug is directly delivered to the target organ, conferring high pulmonary drug concentrations and low systemic drug concentrations. The cover story of this month titled: “Inhaled drug delivery: Avoids the risk of absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and can accelerate targeted onset in certain therapeutic areas” as an interaction with Mark Copley -Chief Executive Officer at Copley Scientific. The edition has a featured article entitled “SMART Designs Tool to Investigate Bacteria Behind Hospital Infections " contributed by Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) is MIT’s Research Enterprise in Singapore, established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Click here for full interview


Albumedix submits Drug Master Files for its products in Japan

Albumedix Ltd. (‘Albumedix’), the world leader in recombinant human albumin (rHA), announced the submission of Drug Master Files (DMFs) to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Agency (PMDA) in Japan.

Novel hydrogel gradually delivers RNA nanovaccines to shrivel tumors

Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines to stop COVID-19 have made headlines around the world recently, but scientists also have been working on mRNA vaccines to treat or prevent other diseases, including some forms of cancer.

Johnson and Johnson 1-dose shot forestalls COVID-19, however not exactly some others

Johnson & Johnson’s long-awaited vaccine seems to protect against COVID-19 with just 1 shot — not as strong as some two-shot rivals but still potentially helpful for a world in dire need of more doses.

Automated Molecular Diagnostics: The test of choice post COVID

The onset of COVID-19 has definitely highlighted the importance of life sciences to the entire world and as a result the diagnostics sector has been catapulted front and center of the health response to the pandemic.