Here are the top 10 pipetting errors : September 2020 edition

Microbioz India, September , 2020 Issue

Cover Story : "Here are the top 10 pipetting errors : September 2020 edition"

Here are the top 10 pipetting errors : September 2020 edition

Pipettes are an essential laboratory tool used to dispense liquids. Whilst pipettes can be used simply as a liquid transfer device where the actual volume of liquid dispensed is not important, more often they are required to dispense accurate and precise volumes of solutions which are likely to be critical to experimental procedures. Pipettes Are not only fancy handlebars to your tips, they're vital for just measuring and dispensing liquids. These conventional 'tools of your trade' allow you to correctly replicate experiments, confirm results, create significant comparisons between various projects and publish the outstanding paper. However, there are a couple of pipette pitfalls. The experts from the laboratory need to retrace their steps from time to sidestep the introduction of volumetric mistakes as a result of inconsistent or poor pipetting methods. The cover story of the month titled: "Learn from These Mistakes Before You Learn Pipetting" authored by Kusum Pal (IIT-Bombay Alumna) Read more ..


Haldor Topsøe achieve major gains in manufacturing efficiency through advanced powder testing

Multi-faceted powder testing with the FT4 Powder Rheometer® from Freeman Technology (Tewkesbury, UK) is delivering significant economic gains for Haldor Topsøe (Lyngby, Denmark), a global leader in high performance catalysts and proprietary technology for the chemical and refining industries.Read more

Light Scattering Instrument for Physicochemical Characterization of Polymers

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K reports how the internationally respected Department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki (Finland) is using its BI-200SM light scattering goniometer for physicochemical characterization of polymers.

Pipette Tips Demonstrate High Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

For the testing a suspension of Staphylococcus aureus, ATCC #6538, was delivered to the pipette filter tip at a challenge level of greater than 105 colony forming units.

Understanding latex allergies for enhanced healthcare management

The world is running high on healthcare products, and pervasive use of sanitizers, masks, gloves, and other compound based routine products are probing another challenge altogether. Read more