Pharmaceutical Quality control and Lab automation: October 2020 edition

Microbioz India, October , 2020 Issue

Cover Story : "Pharmaceutical Quality control and Lab automation: October 2020 edition"

Pharmaceutical Quality control and Lab automation: October 2020 edition

Now, life science companies are seeking ways to modernize research environments and build the ‘Lab of The Future’ (LoTF). Given advances made in recent years, it’s natural that technology that can automate lab functions – including Artificial Intelligence (AI) – will play an important role in this modernization drive. The modern digital lab will truly transform how biopharmaceutical products are created and brought to market Across life sciences, companies are working harder than ever to deliver better patient outcomes and generate new growth using data and technology to drive innovation. The cover story of the month titled: " Pharmaceutical Quality control and Lab automation" authored by Kusum Pal (IIT-Bombay Alumna)


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