Lab Digitalization : Top 10 key points while adopting

Microbioz India, August , 2020 Issue

Cover Story : "Lab Digitalization : Top 10 key points while adopting"

Lab Digitalization : Top 10 key points while adopting

Today everyone is talking about digitalization. Businesses are starting to realize that digitalization defines the survival of the organization. Interestingly, laboratories are often the last that undergo such a transformation. The reason is often not money. It’s because laboratories are data factories with continuously improving processes and, therefore, the most sophisticated organizations to digitalize. But, also laboratories will undergo digitalization sooner rather than later. Your lab might already be thinking about it, but you might not know where to start. The cover story of the month titled: “Top 10 key points while adopting for Lab Digitalization” authored by Kusum Pal (IIT-Bombay). Read here ..


Top 10 key points while adopting for Lab Digitalization

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