Everything You Need to Know About Precision medicine

Microbioz India, October , 2022 Issue

Cover Story : "Everything You Need to Know About Precision medicine"

Everything You Need to Know About Precision medicine

The cover story of this month titled: “Everything You Need to Know About Precision medicine” contributed by Microbioz India, editorial. The term "precision medicine" refers to "an emerging strategy for prevention and treatment of diseases which takes into consideration the unique genetic variation and environment as well as the way of life for each individual." This will enable doctors and researchers to determine more accurately what methods of prevention and treatment for a specific illness will be effective in particular populations of individuals. The edition has a featured article entitled “Room Temperature RNA Stabilization for Tissue Samples” contributed by AMSBIO. AMSBIO announce RNAdvantage – the first product in a new range of stabilization solutions that provide robust protection for your RNA samples at ambient temperature.


Breakthrough technology for Photochemistry

Asynt introduce the LightSyn Lighthouse – a new photochemical reactor system in their LightSyn range, developed in response to customer demand for higher reaction yields, ease of use, high operational safety, and competitive pricing. Read more

Astrea Bioseparations introduces Nereus LentiHERO, a fit-for-purpose solution for lentiviral vector purification

Astrea Bioseparations (“Astrea Bio”), a leading provider of novel purification and separation tools supporting the development of next-generation therapeutics, has announced today the commercial launch of its Nereus LentiHERO™ lentiviral vector (LVV) purification technology. Read more

Mettler-Toledo launches new combination checkweighing and serialization system for pharma and cosmetics producers

Compact CT33 provides integration of Track & Trace and Checkweighing for quality control and brand protection within a single system; ideal for …. Read more

High resolution microflowmeter ensures reliability of quantitative LC/MS

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. announce the AB-40004 microflowmeter (µFlowmeter) – a non-invasive device designed to provide continuous high precision… Read more..