Ebola Serious Deadly Disease Out Break 2014 In West Africa

Microbioz India, September , 2014 Issue

Cover Story : "Ebola Serious Deadly Disease Out Break 2014 In West Africa"

Ebola Serious Deadly Disease Out Break 2014 In West Africa

MICROBIOZ INDIA Microbioz India September 2014 issue is an special edition cover history of this e-Magazines aimed to create an awareness and proper precautions and many more description about Ebola virus,Serious disease Outbreak 2014,is reported as one of the biggest Disease out break in west Africa,killed thousands of peoples.eMagazine, August 2014 - Microbiological Solution For Healthy Cropfor us. Magazines cover history also focus on different way to improve crop yield by using Biofertilizers and Biopesticides.

Quality control of hospital water system:

Under featured article of Microbioz India,in this issue we publish an article mainly focus on Quality Control System of Hospital water to check Microbial Contamination submitted by Dr.Tim Sandle.

An interview with Dr. C.S. Prakash:

Under Microbioz India Scientist Talk in September Issue,we Perform an Interview with Dr. C.S. Prakash, He is working as Professor at University of Tuskegee,USA.

Phages as Clean Workers:

This one is also one of the interesting article in MIcrobioz India September Issue based on Bioassay of phages,Submited bY Dr.Muslim Dhaher Musa,From Nasiriya,Iraq.

This month In Microbiology:

This Part of Microbioz India make Magazine so very interestings and valuable this section describes number of Most Interesting Microbiology recent Research Informations,News,collected from world wide sources.

Current Fellowships Position for Microbiology students:

At the end part of Magazines we also describes few informations related fellowships current open position.to pursue higher education in Microbiology from reputed Institutes/universities of world.