INTEGRA is ASSISTing leukemia examine at the Cancer Institute

INTEGRA is ASSISTing leukemia examine at the Cancer Institute


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  • Source: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

  • Date: 20 Apr,2020

Yvette Hoade, an examination specialist in the Payne Laboratory, Department of Hematology, is exploring transformations related with different blood sicknesses, for example, bone marrow disappointment and myelodysplastic disorder (MDS), both age-related scatters that extraordinarily increment the danger of creating leukemia.

Yvette Hoade, the Payne Laboratory, Department of Haematology (1)

She clarified: “We’ve begun another DNA extraction venture with the point of rapidly going from blood to genotype for 6,000 examples.

The multichannel VOYAGER flexible tip separating pipette and ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot are a phenomenal mix, performing without hands move of blood from assortment cylinders to 96 well plates, sparing long stretches of time and lessening the danger of cross-sullying. We have three distinct sizes of pipette – covering volumes from 0.5 to 1,250 μl – so we can utilize the ASSIST PLUS framework all through our work process, from DNA extraction to NGS library readiness. The framework is additionally simple to program, making robotization open to all individuals from the lab.”

“This robotization has improved our throughput, gives us the certainty that the degree of precision is high, and removes the inescapable dull part of lab work that accompanies taking care of such enormous example numbers. The ASSIST PLUS is the perfect lab accomplice – it’s a strong individual from the group now.”

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