Hope for hereditarily determined obesity

Hope for hereditarily determined obesity


  • Post By : Khushboo Sharma

  • Source: IANS

  • Date: 04 Jun,2018

A new research has been done by the researcher in which obesity peoples can lose their weight with the help d the medicine liraglutide. It is a modified form of the appetite-inhabiting hormone GLP-1 which is naturally secreted with we eat something.

if you are suffering from obesity and unable to control your weight due to your genetic predisposition, take heart, an injectable drug widely used to lower blood sugar level which helps you in fighting overweight, suggest a study.

Usually around 2-6% population who is going through obesity already in early childhood due to their genetically programmed.


“With the intake of Liraglutide -which is an appetite-inhibiting drug has a positive effect on them. The person feels less hungry and lose up to 6% of their weight within 4 months,”. said lead author Signe Sorensen Torekov, associate professor at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Regarding this a study was done which was later on published in the Journal Cell Metabolism.

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