Genotype vs Phenotype: 8 key differences

Genotype vs Phenotype: 8 key differences


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  • Date: 31 Mar,2023

The genetic make-up of a single cell or organism, known as its genotype, affects or influences its phenotype. The phrases genotype and phenotype, which contrast, are used to describe an organism’s traits.

Here are some key differences between genotype and phenotype:

  1. Definition: The term “genotype” is used to describe an organism’s genetic make-up, while the term “phenotype” describes the outwardly visible characteristics of an organism that are influenced by both genes and the environment.
  2. Inheritance: The combination of genes that an individual receives from each parent is what determines an individual’s genotype, whereas a person’s phenotype can be affected by both genetic and environmental factors. Genotypes are passed down from parents, while phenotypes can be affected by either or both.
  3. Stability: Phenotype is more likely to shift over the course of an individual’s lifetime in response to environmental influences, whereas genotype is more likely to remain constant.
  4. Heritability: Phenotype is less heritable than genotype since it is impacted by both genetic and environmental variables, but genotype is highly heritable and is passed down from one generation to the next.
  5. Measurability: Phenotype, on the other hand, can be measured and observed through physical traits, behavioural patterns, and other characteristics, in contrast to genotype, which cannot be directly quantified.
  6. Complexity: Genotype is extremely intricate because it includes all of a person’s genes, whereas phenotype is more straightforward because it describes overt characteristics.
  7. Variation: Differences in gene expression and mutations contribute to genetic variability within a population, whereas environmental factors also contribute to phenotypic variance.
  8. Evolutionary significance: The genotype is critical to the process of evolution because it forms the basis for genetic variety and natural selection. On the other hand, the phenotype is the product of selection being applied to the genotype throughout the course of evolutionary time.

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