GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY- Best Choice for every Laboratory

GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY- Best Choice for every Laboratory


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  • Date: 09 Jan,2020

Gas chromatography is a mass analytics method applied in all domains of human activities – from ecology, healthcare, and agriculture… to petro chemistry and nuclear energy, as well as many modern scientific applications. And thanks to its high sensitivity and the ability to tailor analysis for specific compounds, gas chromatography occupies a special place among the other instrumental analysis methods.

Today, analytical monitoring for contaminants to ensure they do not exceed health and safety limits, as well as food quality control, toxicological diagnostics, process control in production facilities, and material quality control… are unimaginable without gas chromatography.

The Chromatec Crystal 9000 Gas Chromatography system with a high endanalytical Capability with fully automated, flexible and versatile tool with a wide range of detectors, sample introduction devises and external automatic samplers. This system is always at the service of science and technology Providing highest Sensitivity and efficiency in analytical problems solving of different applications in the segments of ;

1:-Oil & Gas for analyzing the most demand applications for Natural, refinery and Liquefied Gas and crude Oil and Petroleum Products

2:-Adding MSD in obtaining high limit of detection for determination of harmful pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides and chemical contamination to guarantee Air Quality and safe Nature

3:-Is used as powerful tool to exam the products and raw material for all needs of Petrochemical, chemical, biotechnology and mining industries

4:-Plays a vital role in Forensic adding MSD it is very accurate and precise tool to detect and specify drugs of abuse, toxic d explosive materials and also in many criminalistics laboratories

5:-Accuracy and Validity are key factors in Pharmaceutical industry and Chromatec Crystal 9000 GC has been designed to meet these requirements in the highest Performance complying to its validation documents

6:-An Integral Part of GC is Detector and chromatec Crystal 9000 is capable of accepting 4 detectors simultaneously with Vide range of Detectors

7:-Having understood the concept of meeting compliance, chromatec GC Crystal 9000 comply FDA 21 CFR Part 11 According to GLP/GMP requirements

8:-In case of upgradation Chromatec Crystal 9000 can be upgraded to MS by simply adding MS Detector which is Quadruple for determination of wide range of compounds with identification via mass spectrum libraries

9:-Possibility to install a wide range of capillary pneumatic control accessories like Dean’s switch micro fluidic module and other low-dead volume collectors for capillary columns switching. Fully controlled by PC software or by optional external keyboard/display. Optional 7 inch Touch Screen LCD makes the operational more easily and helps to get fast information about instrument status

10:-You are looking for system trails or demonstration the capability of GC, please contact immediately Smart LabtechApplication Excellency Lab and are pleased to offer you our services

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