Effect of Discreet Monsoon on Dengue Epidemiology

Effect of Discreet Monsoon on Dengue Epidemiology


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  • Date: 17 Sep,2020

The arrival Mosquitoes and Dengue with the seasonal rains are pivotal in understanding the pathogenesis of the virus in tropical medicine.

Dengue has been a resonant feature in the Indian subcontinent making epidemic outbreaks in the last 4 decades, but it was in the last decade that the diagnosis of the virus took the impetus to a new level with the introduction of Molecular platforms like PCR and CB-NAAT.

The monsoon season has become irrational in the last decade and has been spanning from late July to late October and this year it has coincided with the COVID-19 Pandemic which has thrown challenges for the clinicians to understand the epidemiology of the novel infected patients and the ones with co-infection. Scientists have established the fact that both COVID and Dengue have similar symptoms and clinical manifestations.

The overlapping symptoms range from fever, headache, joint pains, rashes and Pneumonia like symptoms. Since both the infections are of viral origin and most of the patients remain asymptomatic for the virulent phase, they require early screening and diagnosis as both the diseases are life threatening. Although there are shared symptoms between COVID and Dengue, the patients can be differentiated from each other in the symptomatic cases as Dengue is characterized by bone breaking pain, vomiting, swelling of glands and rashes, whereas COVID has symptoms of fever and severe cough with gradual loss of smell and diarrhoea.

Unhygienic settlements and waterlogging can be the major source for breeding of mosquitoes during the monsoon. During the COVID times, the best way of preventions are: fogging of the surroundings, use of mosquito nets and repellants, dispersal of stagnant water, social distancing or home isolation, sanitizing hands and all the materials in vicinity, and wearing of masks. This year the dengue epidemic is coinciding with the COVID-19 Pandemic and with overlapping symptoms, the immune system of the population is going to be weak to more immunocompromised than before and hence the risk of fatalities is fairly high and henceforth it becomes coherently agreeable that early detection and diagnosis can prevent the morbidity in co-infection conditions.

With most of the health machinery devoted exclusively for isolating and treating the COVID patients, it would be an uphill task to screen and isolate the dengue patients immediately and also to provide them palliative care with the existing infrastructure. The provision of special wards for Dengue or Co-infection (with COVID) has to be addressed at the earliest and the simultaneous provision of testing should be carried out both at the high risk areas as well as at the testing facilities.

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