Digital Density meters – simple way to check sulfuric acid in battery testing

Digital Density meters – simple way to check sulfuric acid in battery testing


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  • Date: 06 Apr,2020

The new Density2Go portable density meter from METTLER TOLEDO ensures that density measurements can be perform quickly and accurately. It is easy to carry on field, in production area or even in lab.

Digital density measurement is an ideal alternative to manual methods such as pycnometers and hydrometers. The automatic determination of a sample’s density prevents operator error and ensures smooth operation. The new Density2Go line of portable density meter from METTLER TOLEDO measures liquid density and it is also suited for other applications such as Brix and percentage alcohol.

By checking density of acids, one can measure the concentration, as tables are in-built in the instrument.

Regular measurement of specific gravity (SG) or density (d) are performed at battery production departments for quality control. Density measurement prevents an over/undercharge, which could result in cell damage or battery failure.

After measurement of acids, the density cell should be rinsed thoroughly with deionized water so as to provide damage to density cell.Results can be viewed directly on the portable density meter. For even more flexibility, results can be exported to Easy direct software. One can review and filter results on the computer with just a few clicks and create graphs to monitor samples over time for better process control. One can print reports from the software or directly from the instrument.

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