INTEGRA’s electronic pipettes empower reproducible examination in microbial analysis

INTEGRA’s electronic pipettes empower reproducible examination in microbial analysis


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  • Date: 17 Mar,2021

Bacterial evolution studies involve analysis of large sample numbers, requiring compact, reproducible pipetting processes to effectively characterize the qualities of different strains. Dr Astrid Altamirano-Junqueira, who completed her doctoral studies into the growth of bacterial motility in the School of Biological Studies at Reading University, discussed how these digital pipettes aided her research:”My focus was on the effects of deleting the flagella master regulator gene — FleQ — in Pseudomonas fluorescens. I performed in-depth gene expression studies on over 40 distinct FleQ knockout P. fluorescens strains, and identified a novel strain that had undergone a rewiring of the nitrogen pathway to revive flagella expression and motility. I then went on to explore how this new’swimmer’ strain was affected by nitrogen starvation.”

“The time savings that I gained from using the VOYAGER and VIAFLO pipettes meant I could study more strains, as well as more culture conditions. This allowed me to gain as much information as possible for the strains, which was vital for multivariate analysis. I was even able to identify a novel ammonia transporter that, after genome sequencing, led to the discovery of a new strain. It’s thanks to my INTEGRA electronic pipettes that I could perform all the PCR experiments and screen over 40 strains in just two weeks – I’m incredibly thankful for the VOYAGER!”

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