Indian Physicist and Meteorologist Anna Mani, a Trailblazer in Her Field

Indian Physicist and Meteorologist Anna Mani, a Trailblazer in Her Field


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Anna Mani ‘Weather Woman of India’ was born on August 23, 1918. Anna Mani was from a wealthy family in the Indian state of Travancore, formerly a princely state but now a part of Kerala. She came in at #7 in a family of 8. Her father, a prominent civil engineer, owned extensive cardamom plantations in the area. Her mother and grandmother were both devout members of the ancient Syrian Christian church, but her father never converted.

Anna Mani was a prominent figure in Indian physics and the field of meteorology. She worked for the Indian Meteorological Department and held the position of Deputy Director General. She was responsible for a number of important advancements that were made in the realm of meteorological instruments. She did studies on solar radiation, ozone levels, and wind energy measures, and she published a number of publications on those topics.

After receiving her degrees in physics and chemistry, she went to work with Professor C. V. Raman, where she conducted research on the optical properties of diamonds and rubies. She was the author of five research publications, but she did not have a master’s degree in physics therefore she was not awarded a PhD despite all of her hard work.

Anna personal life & Death cause

Anna Modayil Mani was born in 1918 in Peermade, which was then a part of Travancore and is now a part of Kerala in India. Her family was Syrian Christian. Her father was an agnostic civil engineer who ran his own business. She was a reader who devoured books like there was no tomorrow and was the seventh of eight children in her family. She began exclusively donning khadi clothing after being moved by Gandhi’s participation in the Vaikom Satyagraha and being motivated by his nationalist campaign. Anna Mani’s formative years were spent immersed in literature, and by the time she was eight years old, she had read practically all of the books in Malayalam that were available at her local library. On the occasion of her eighth birthday, she refused to accept the traditional gift from her family, which consisted of a pair of diamond earrings, and instead requested that she be given a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Anna Mani Husband name:

Unlike most people, Anna mani was never married.

Anna Mani cause of death:

Anna mani, who had a stroke in 1996, passed away in Thiruvananthapuram on August 16, 2001.

Anna Mani education

Mani considered a career in dance but settled on physics because she enjoyed studying it. Her B.Sc. Honours in Physics and Chemistry was earned at Chennai’s (formerly Madras) Pachaiyappas College in 1939. She was awarded a research fellowship to the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore in 1940. In 1945, she attended Imperial College in London intending to study physics at the graduate level but instead focusing on meteorological devices.

Anna Mani books

Author Anna Mani’s Works:

Solar Radiation over India (1980) and The Handbook of Solar Radiation Data for India (1981)
Survey of India’s Wind Energy Potential, 1992

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